There's more to family law than can fit on any one website. These are some of the areas we can help with. Call or email us to get advice about your facts and circumstances.



Our lawyers have the experience to negotiate and finalise your property settlement fairly and efficiently, applying the Family Law Act 1975 and recent developments in the law to your unique situation.

Agreement can be reached at any point and formalised using Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement. Parties can also agree before or during a marriage or relationship what will happen if the relationship ends, using a Binding Financial Agreement.

Determining the right kind of document for your circumstances is a skill at which our lawyers excel, and we recommend you contact us to enable you to make this important decision in an informed manner.



Family law prioritises the best interest of a child concerned in a parenting dispute. The primary considerations are whether there is a risk of harm to the children versus the benefit of a relationship with a parent.

Our lawyers know how to help you identify and articulate your situation clearly so that nothing is overlooked. We also assist clients in preparing for Court reports and events so that they are able to put their case forward clearly. In this complex area of law, expert and experienced guidance are key.


Financial Agreements

Pre-nuptial, post-separation, asset and inheritance protection agreement

We deal in and prepare for clients a range of out-of-court agreements related to family law property, whether at the beginning, during, or end of a relationship. Significant issues that arise in property disputes often relate to inheritances, gifts from family and what people had at the beginning of their relationship.

Making an agreement early in a relationship can be a sign that parties are openly discussing and understanding their respective financial contributions. People who have been through one significant separation will also appreciate the many benefits of using financial agreements to try to avoid a dispute or 'clear the air' between parties financially. 

There are also good reasons to use financial agreements if you separate and want to keep your personal details completely out of Court. A practical and early resolution of a property dispute will often use this type of agreement if appropriate.

We often act for individuals or families with significant assets who need to ensure that their family's financial security is not imperiled should something go wrong in a relationship with a relative. Our firm has a dedicated and respected Wills and Estate department that we work with to get the best outcome and coverage for you and your family.


Domestic Violence

OVer Twenty five years experience

We deal regularly with disputes involving domestic violence, including financial abuse. Our lawyers appear with you on intervention order applications and know the best approach to take for your particular circumstances. These cases can have important flow-on effects into parenting and property decisions and expert guidance is crucial.

We have strong connections with community legal centres and domestic violence services to provide you a comprehensive answer to your situation.


Not our first GO ROUND

There are many tricks and traps for an inexperienced divorce lawyer. We have the experience to guide your divorce through smoothly. To obtain a legal divorce, separate from a property or parenting arrangement, you need twelve months of separate and a connection to Australia to invoke Australia’s jurisdiction

You also need to know where your spouse is, or how to contact them. We know all the best ways to track down this information and the questions that the Court will ask of you. 

If you’ve been separated but living under the same roof for the past year, we can also help you get a divorce earlier than you would if you simply relied on where you lived for separation.