Nevett Ford is a long-established Melbourne based firm with a dedicated family law department. We have a team of experienced family lawyers, one of whom is accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) as a specialist in Family Law and as a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner. Speaking to our lawyers on the phone is commitment-free - call on 03 9614 7111.

Our approach is practical and strategic, and we provide advice to our clients with integrity and understanding. Our lawyers have appeared in hundreds of Court cases, mediations, procedural hearings and on Intervention Order hearings. 

We provide confident, expert assistance with property, parenting, spousal maintenance, child support, international recovery and travel applications, domestic violence and divorce cases.

Call (9614 7111) or email ( us for prompt, informed advice on your situation.


We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult and stressful time for those involved. Nevett Ford Lawyers provides you with the reassurance of a full service firm with dedicated property, commercial and immigration departments additional to our family law group. We work to resolve your family law issues through negotiation but strongly represent you in court if necessary.


Your legal fees in your family law matter should not be another source of stress. We provide a clear breakdown of our costs, upfront, along with a total costs estimate in plain, readable English.  Our lawyers are always available to discuss how your fees are being charged, and how we can tailor and trim our service to fit the contours of your case, instead of being one-size-fits-all. Flexible payment arrangements are always considered.



Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall

Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

Elizabeth leads the Family Law Practice Group and is an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Elizabeth provides practical and efficient legal advice for private individual clients in all matters related to family law. In addition, she continues her long history of volunteering, initially at the Eastern Community Legal Centre and currently at the Women's Legal Service.


Richard appears in trials, mediations and procedural hearings regularly in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia to represent clients in respect of their family law matters on both financial and child related issues. He also appears regularly in Intervention Order hearings at the Magistrates Court.


Read articles written by our lawyers on the latest developments in the law and how they affect you.

Read articles written by our lawyers on the latest developments in the law and how they affect you.

What do I need to do if I want to move interstate with my children? Communicate your intention, communicate your reasons, focus on the benefit to your children and get permission to relocate to avoid being dragged back interstate. Most importantly, speak to a good lawyer before you do anything.
What actually happens at Family Court? How should you prepare for the day? Will the Judge listen to what you have to say? Find out in this information video from our lawyer Richard Hamilton or call us for advice on your circumstances on 03 9614 7111




Our lawyers are available to discuss your situation on the phone during the day or email us out of hours to receive a call back the next day. Call us on 03 9614 7111 or email